Knowledgeable & Dependable Service

Great service. Knowledgeable people, prompt, efficient and very neat in your home. We have used them for at least 5 years now. They replaced AC units at our home and our office. They do an annual check up. We have used other companies over the years and Harrington is by far the best.

Reliable & Friendly Technicians

I had Chris for Harrington perform the Annual service of my Bryant brand A/C Evolution Climate Control System.
My unit is now 11 years old. Previously it has been serviced by another A/C company.
After having observed many Service Technicians to perform annual maintenance services I have requested, I can say with confidence that Chris deserves the highest rating possible for quality of work performed. He was very skillful, and very detail oriented. He checked and adjusted everything to make sure that the A/C unit was working perfectly.
As a service provider he exceeded my expectations.
Harrington A/C Company is fortunate to have such a talented Service Technician like Chris.
He is also an excellent representative of the Company. I hope to have Chris back next time when my A/C service is due. Thank you Chris for a job well done!

Honesty Goes A Long Way

Harrington Air Conditioning is the best! I recently had an issue with my digital thermostat where one of the outer casing buttons had broken making it impossible to turn the cooling function of the AC on. An AC company with whom I have dealt with for years told me my thermostat could not be repaired and was too costly to replace. They urged me to just replace the entire AC system, to which I initially agreed. Left with my AC system still not cooling, I was stuck with an uncomfortably hot and humid home with several phone calls from loan companies wanting to approve an unexpected $6000.00+ AC system installation cost. With the urging of family and friends, I decided to have Harrington Air Conditioning come out and provide a second opinion. The technician from Harrington Air Conditioning, Jeff, told me that my entire AC system had years of reliable service remaining and did not need replacing at all. On top of that, Jeff actually showed me how I can still control the AC system even without that one cosmetic outer casing button even being present. Harrington Air Conditioning charged me $80.00 to correct what another AC company was set to charge me over $6000.00+ for. I would recommend Harrington Air Conditioning to all of my friends and family. Thanks again!!!